TONY GILES: 'Whether looking at the convoluted harbour of Porthleven, the standing stones of prehistory, the black tin coast or a branch line disappearing into the belly of the clay country, he does so with an understanding of and sympathy for Cornwall that is total .. (he was) one of Cornwall's most powerful and prolific and, strange as it may seem, still most under-rated artists.' FRANK RUHRMUND.


'TONY GILES paintings were inspired by the way man has shaped the Cornish landscape. he painted railway tracks ad viaduct, clay workings and mine buildings, harbours and chapels in a very lively, highly individual style.


'There are new collectors of Tony Giles paintings and galleries that seek to show his work. He is now confirmed as a.great-hearted artist who had a vey personal view of Cornwall, romantic, original and honest, and of value for all time.' JOHN BRANFIELD ( TONY GILES: PAINTER OF CORNWALL'S MAN-MADE LANDSCAPE)