A forgotten Truro man is rediscovered by chance


This unsigned portrait, purchased in Dorset, has proved far more significant than anyone could have imagined.

TRELOGAS is an old listed building at Cowlands near the river Fal outside Truro. The White family had a house in Truro and owned very extensive properties in the area-  it was a surprise to discover that they even owned the land on which the Lander Gallery is built.

John White (1614- 1685) left a large fortune and among his various charitable gifts was a detailed bequest to the poor of Truro. This also involved the preaching of a sermon in Truro on September 2nd annually - forever. The preacher was to be rewarded with twenty shillings and the clerk with three shillings and sixpence. This charity continued to operate for centuries but in recent years had been all but forgotten. As a result of the discovery of the portrait, the Dean of Truro once more preached the requisite sermon in the old Parish Church part of Truro Cathedral and was paid twenty shillings on 2nd September 2016. The town clerk received his three shillings and sixpence. The charity has also been revived with donations from the public and will once more be named as it assists young apprentices as required by John White.


While more is discovered about the significance of the White famiy in Truro, it also becomes less certian that this portrait actually does depict the John White of the charity. Research continues.

May 4, 2018