Christopher James Tate

Chris Tate has become well known for his depictions of buildings, using coloured inks. His style is instantly recognisable and, as his pictures spread more widely, he becomes ever more prominent.


He observes buildings with an original and distinctive vision. Through his sharply perceptive eyes we see how buildings can glow with an aura of history. Square walls seem to surge forward and strain with all the richness that lies within them. Some people say Chris Tate makes buildings sing; others feel that they are moving and dancing. Quirky, original and fun, these joyous images provoke us to look afresh at buildings we might have taken for granted, to notice interesting details, and to know that they will never look the same again.


Chris lives in Cornwall. He grew up near Truro and went to school  in the city. He is a graduate of Falmouth College of Art where he studied Illustration.

The Lander Gallery was the first commercial gallery to show his work- wonderful views of Truro- back in 2003, when he was still a student at Falmouth. Since then he has exhibited in other galleries but retains a strong tie with the Lander.


Over the years he has produced pictures of landmark buildings across Europe including Cornwall, Cambridge, London, Paris, Venice and Rome. He is kept busy with private commissions for his characteristic images of particular buildings. His depiction of the MI6 headquarters in London quickly sold well (secretly of course), while another original was recently hung in the Lord Mayor of London’s Mansion House.