In 1892, Edmund G Fuller, seascape and landscape painter, metalworker and graphic artist moved to St. Ives. He became a celebrated member of the St. Ives Arts Club. He was married to Clara and lived in London until 1892. He was elected a member of the Royal Society of British Artists. Between the years 1888 and 1916 he exhibited with the Society at Birmingham as well as  at the Dudley gallery, the Royal Academy and the Royal Society of Brirsh Artists in London. In 1897 he held an exhibition of his work in his own studio in St. Ives, where he showed 120 paintings. Fuller was part of the group of artists to break away from the St. Ives Arts Club, which had become more of a social club to form the St. Ives Society of Artists in 1927.
In 1924 he moved away from St Ives
He also made proof copies of bookplates for fellow artists; prints of commissions undertaken from the local bookshop to the Union Castle Shipping Company  as well as making many drawings and sketches of St. Ives.